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Be Discriminating With Mystical Teachers

I don't align with much of Paul Bruntons' perspective on things but these insights are very well articulated: -Because a man has had some kind of inner revelation it does not follow that everything in life and the universe has become plain to him and that he has become a kind of human encyclopedia. [Youtube playlist of influential non-dualists acting as a human encyclopedia for sensitive topics that they are unqualified to give guidance on: ] -It is the  thinking  mystic who can best explain mysticism to others and even to himself. And it is the  active  mystic who can best demonstrate its worth. -The mystic who claims that his knowledge is verbally incommunicable and that it is useless trying to explain it intellectually, is stretching a difficulty into an impossibility. -One way to test a mystical claim is to push it out farther & farther until it reaches its (potentially) ridiculous ultimate! -Those who provide quick and facile answers to such hard