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So Much More Than "Just" A Story!

Yes, there are narrative elements to our sense of self, but in a real dimension of reality. Narrativity is simply part of the nature of what being a person is, and saying  just a story is used as a means of belittling, trivializing it, and of course having a negative attitude towards it, more accurately this language is used to de-realize it. Taking on this reductionist connotation to "story," and applying it to the entirety of what oneself and others are, is a powerful way to shift your perception and experience, to suddenly experience ontological dis-reality in a radically jarring way that can have lasting consequences, some positive and others extremely negative. A key to my own unbecoming of “just a story” has been understanding the nature of what is meant by "story," and its synonyms (narrative, language, ideas, concepts, constructs, etc.) in a new way, in which I no longer view any of these as ontologically “false” constructs, but real  ones that exist on the

On Healing a True Self/False Self Split

       I want to suggest to people who have gone deeply/dissolved into the experience of a formless, primordial, "absolute" pure Beingness, and taken that as their realest, truest self, with everything else being false or less real, that this will always be a partial experience of reality, not the whole of it, and never a beholding of  all  of what Being is. And I want to support people who would like to end this true nature/false nature split inside and outside of them that either/or nonduality inevitably creates. Who no longer want to feel like a split being with a "true self" (good, or better self) and a "false self" (bad, or lesser self) that are fundamentally at odds with one another. We can only do this by healing a hidden fundamental  dualistic  rift carved between seeming opposites like spirit and matter, universal and personal, oneness and separateness, the transcendent and the immanent, Being and becoming, etc. The "non-separation" to b