On Healing a True Self/False Self Split

     I want to suggest to people who have gone deeply/dissolved into the experience of a formless, primordial, "absolute" pure Beingness, and taken that as their realest, truest self, with everything else being false or less real, that this will always be a partial experience of reality, not the whole of it, and never a beholding of all of what Being is. And I want to support people who would like to end this true nature/false nature split inside and outside of them that either/or nonduality inevitably creates. Who no longer want to feel like a split being with a "true self" (good, or better self) and a "false self" (bad, or lesser self) that are fundamentally at odds with one another. We can only do this by healing a hidden fundamental dualistic rift carved between seeming opposites like spirit and matter, universal and personal, oneness and separateness, the transcendent and the immanent, Being and becoming, etc. The "non-separation" to be discovered in this process, is the unity of opposites, their mutual inclusivity, seeing through the divide and conquer illusion of mutually exclusive opposites.

     A ubiquitous feature of Either/or Eastern non-dual paradigms will always be the creation of a divide in our experience, whether one experiences that as a positive thing or not. With this divide intact, we experience and believe that we have a true self/true nature, and then all of these parts of our experience and what we can perceive that are excluded from it, as their nature is "false" and they obscure what is really real and true - they are fundamentally in the way to some extent. A new view makes it so that every aspect of us once considered merely illusory "false" constructs, is a real facet of what we really are, a real facet of the "true nature" of reality.  Now, the changeless, formless, "primordial" X we've perceived as being completely beyond and in a severed off dimension from the material, the psyche, the personal, etc. is experienced as having gone through a process of becoming…becoming itself as all phenomena both tangible and intangible, really become what was once  "false," or less real than a supposed transcendent-only, immaterial "Real"- yes, including personhood and every mental construct, and all of our suffering too! (Surprisingly, I find we can befriend our suffering when even the transcendent "THAT" of either/or nonduality's "I AM THAT" is immanent in and as THIS suffering - we can more easily feel compassion for dis-ease, for our human condition, when our "human nature" is a quality of Being's "true" nature.) 

    From this perspective, there is nothing we can point to as other than spiritual/holy, as outside of "The Real," as unnatural, or superfluous to the "deepest" most "foundational" level of reality (here there's a visceral sense that the deepest down has risen up over millennia to become everything we once downplayed as "surface," that we've pejoratively called "superficial" - from this view of "emergence," the surface of things, shockingly contains the most depth, a depth of time, of evolutionary stages, not found at the deepest down "ground zero"), and while we can still want to be rid of the things we don't like, we can no longer do it by telling ourselves they aren’t real, that they are blocking our "true nature"... we have to choose another way to address and relate to our suffering, and these unwanted aspects of our human experience, of Being's human nature. Now I'm rambling, so that's all for now...


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