Message from God

I recently discovered Evolutionary Spirituality, a beautiful non-dual perspective, often found within Kabbalah, that I feel drawn to and invigorated by, especially the notion that since everything in the world is a manifestation of god (or Beingness, which resonates with me), the process of evolution is actually the evolution of god, of Being in a constant state of becoming. Deeply humanistic, unlike so many non-dual frameworks, we as humans are the leading edge of evolution, and when we experience ourselves as an expression, a manifestation of god, humanity plays an active role in the evolution of god - as we evolve, so does god
"Each human being participates in the process of divine evolution―that is to say, the evolution of all of reality―every human being participates uniquely in that evolution."  Life, from this perspective, takes on a new level of meaning, awe, and empowerment - revealing our innate human divinity, worthiness, urging us to love, heal, and grow from a consciousness in which the transcendent, the sacred, is found in and shines through every minute detail, never separate, right here in our flesh and blood, our sweat and tears, our trials and triumphs, our struggles and joys god's struggles and joys too.  

I wrote this poem after realizing that from this perspective, god is even that which I experience as unwanted and unwelcome ...

Message from God

I am here, even in this wretchedness even in this anger and despair
Find me here and you can find me anywhere
See me here, and you will see me everywhere
How deeply can you enter this moment to be with me? 
To be with me is to be with you too, and to be with all of this
To fully feel me is to fully feel you 

If you only hear me in the spaces
In the silence between words, between sounds
You will miss me in music
If you only hear me in silence, in stillness
You will miss me in thunder
If you only think of me as the light
You will not see me
When I show up at your doorstep small and weeping
If you only want me to be radiant
You will reject me 
When I show up in agony
When I am (you) drowning in darkness
I am with you, wherever you go, whatever you do
But don't you see?
You don't want all of me when you don't want all of you!
Know that when you hold your hand you're holding mine too
When you take care of you, you take care of me too


  1. I love this post .There something solid to it.I identify with it completely.


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