The Universe's Past: A Portal to Presence!

One of my favorite spiritual practices now, portals to presence and wonder actually involves tuning into the past!

looking back to experience the now more deeply, in the light of Beings' journey of becoming, (be)coming all the way to THIS nowness and right hereness 😱

the ground of Being has a past, and a quite extraordinarily EPIC one at that! Shining a light on it reveals the splendor of this moment it has become...

can bring you to feeling astonished and deeply moved by the present...

looking back to the beginning of the universe, feeling into, visualizing what it ONCE WAS, those early days of the ground of Being beginning its' journey of becoming...becoming cells, atoms, molecules, water and earth, chickens and eggs, mountains and lakes, becoming....HUMAN...becoming god, the one becoming MANY

to see what it has become, what it is right NOW, a dimly lit room, dancing and drumming, strangers drawn together to celebrate the staggering mystery of our coinciding lives, all shines in a new light 

"leave hydrogen long enough and it will learn to sing opera!"

reveling in the process that evolved what the universe once was, into what it is now, it becomes palpable, catches my breath, and radiates significance through my heart, mind, and deeply in my bones

not looking or feeling back to something "prior" or more foundational or "essence" - level, to see what’s here now as less significant or trivial (by focusing only on what the ground of Being at its' foundational, pre-expressive level)...

looking back in this way brings me more fully here into the NOW with profound WOW!

If it's one or the other, I'd rather my spiritual practice cultivate a sense of poignance and wonder than serenity, bliss or peace that undermines and trivializes the miracle of matter, the magnificent magic of manifestation

tapping into the universes' past, and the ground of Beings' process of emerging and evolving into THIS, transforms the mundane, the once merely "illusory," into splendidly, breathtakingly really real and really, truly, epically meaningful...


  1. Beautifully written.
    And important POV and practice….. just my brief moment there with it grounded me. And as we know, In many spiritual circles, the past is almost always erased , or worse still , there is nothing to erase… as it’s there is only now.

    1. Anonymous4/17/2023

      Yes!! And process is sacred, even when we don’t like it. we are part of this sacred process - we ARE process and we can touch into the timeless at the same time! Even time, it seems, is an expression of the timeless

  2. Anonymous4/17/2023



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