Timelessness is 14 Billion Years Old!

This now that feels timeless
This present moment
Is Billions of years old!

It’s the leading edge, this present
With an unfathomably epic past

Savoring the paradox:
This feeling of timelessness
is at least 140,000,000 centuries old!

Which means that right now
the universe is savoring
the wondrous mystery of itself, AS ME

And the experience of simplicity
owes it's nature to an unfathomably complex
process that began eons ago

These are precious gifts
Evolution has given us
Everything this moment is,
Was once the size of an ACORN

Recalling the NOW's past
Instantly makes it riveting
immerses me more deeply in it
in the poignance of ALL OF THIS
that the past has led to,
That I am now thrillingly,
enigmatically, part of.

Even small talk is significant
When it's 14 billion years deep. 

A poem I wrote inspired by the awe-inducing view in which which evolution has been the process of Being becoming, and now emerging into a conscious relationship with itself, as human :). It's described and savored in this beautiful conversation between spiritual philosopher Tim Freke & cosmologist Brian Swimme. Tuning into this, has become one of my spiritual practices that helps me experience unity in a uniquely riveting way!

A Brian Swimme Quote:

"With conscious self-awareness, we have developed a new kind of sight—insight into deep evolutionary time.

Our vision now extends back through billions of years of evolution. With this new and powerful way of seeing, we find ourselves blinking in a thrilling and yet unsettling light.

Rooted in the center of immensities, we open our eyes and see each thing ablaze with billions of years of creativity."


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