The Universe, Conscious of Itself As Human!

"Evolutionary" spirituality, as I relate to it, invites us to wake up to being an evolved expression of the universe, waking up to itself - an increasingly self-realizing universe, that after billions of years of evolving unconsciously, can start to evolve consciously as human  👏🏽

When the universe becomes self-conscious - in moments when a person wakes up to being the universe as a person - that person has a unique opportunity to evolve consciously on a personal level, and through their (inter) actions participate in the evolution of the collective, of the universe itself! 

The One, a single universe communing with itself as human

Perceiving this world of multiplicity as the "One in relationship with itself" (Tim Freke), a single universe manifesting as the many, gives back significance and reality to the relational dimension that reductionist non-dual teachings negate, and gives back that significance 1000x fold!

How profound when I perceive everything as the universe in relationship with itself...god, the Absolute, et al. could not know itself, see itself, love itself, interact with itself... if it hadn't differentiated and evolved to the point of human consciousness, it would not be able to have that communion with itself, and for me, this is a revelation worthy of celebration.

It sounds ridiculous from our typical perspective but from this perspective having small talk about the weather with a taxi driver is actually a really deep thing! That the universe has evolved to the point of being able to interact with itself as different people, is extraordinarily significant and holds the depth of 13 billion years of evolution within in!!!

An offering of purpose...

What I love the most about this perspective is that it offers an unique invitation to a sense of purpose, knowing that everything I do is participating in the evolutionary process, which is the evolution of god, and so for example, as you and I  heal, we are actually healing god. When I see everything, including suffering, sorrow, grief etc. as expressions of god, l feel loving tenderness towards it, with a recognition that god, in its' incarnations, needs to be taken care of.  When I care for myself and for others, then I am also caring for god.  When I really want all of god, if I truly want this full communion with god, then I must be all in for bittersweetness, willing to honor every expression of it, otherwise I only want, and only get god conditionally.


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