The Glorious Both/And Means...

separateness and oneness

unidual not nondual

and unividuality

the one and the many

the one is the many - a oneness of multiplicity

the One as two

"Unless the many are seen as holy as the one, then we never arrive at the great secret: that the many and the one are a single thing."

the absolute and the relative

They do not exist apart from one another

they're intertwined like lovers

“No relative only, no absolute only. We don’t need those traps. They are not opposed but benefit from each other, the way sound and silence dance, making music.”- Jason Shulman

unity and diversity

unity of diversity

= diversity without division

being and becoming

Being is becoming

The ground of Being blooming!

the Shadow and the light

the light can illuminate, without needing to negate the darkness

they have one another

joy and sorrow intertwined

suffering and freedom

not freedom from, freedom to 

(be fully human)

heartache and love

the heart broken open

the personal and the universal

personal expressions of the universe

the human and the divine

divinely human

(wo)man's divinity = god's humanity

wholeness and brokenness

wholeness includes brokenness

form and formlessness

they're married!

manifestation = formlessness enformed

spirit and matter

the transcendent is immanent


the material and immaterial

the immaterial materialized

the ecstacy and agony of living


nonduality is a wedding, not a funeral

unified opposites, mutual inclusivity, 

the missing piece for integration, after self-transcendence


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