Being Becoming Redeems my Humanity

This is about the redemption of our human personhood that can come from perceiving viscerally that the world of form is formlessness really enformed, and that human beings along with our personhood are what the ground of Being has astonishingly really become. You can say it's when whatever name you give to that which is beyond form, i.e. transcendent formlessness, is no longer perceived from the either/or perspective as transcendent only, but as transimmanent. And very importantly, from the perspective that it is that which has been evolving since the beginning of our universe into a relationship with itself, and right now it's experiencing itself as human!

One of the palpable realizations that comes for me when I perceive this, is that whatever I do as a human person, is what that the ground of Being, now incarnate, is doing. When I reflect on myself and the human experience,  the ground of Being is reflecting on its' human experience. It's like I can also imagine what it's like to be the formless ground waking up to and reflecting on it's newly discovered humanity.

Perceiving this is dramatically humbling and tender-hearted in a most curious and difficult to describe way. It transforms how I relate experientially to my own suffering and what hits with tragic clarity is that when I was ticking off a box on self-negating nondualitys' "to do away with" list, I was contributing to a reality in which the universe, the ground of Being chooses to reject, and miss out on its' full human experience.  In hindsight, as I chose to negate parts of myself, I could not see I was rejecting parts of god - real parts of it, and this means that I played an active role in Being coming all this way to reject and obliterate what it had become!   My heart is first to feel the powerful immensity of signifiance to this. Its' hard defensiveness softens into tenderness, a paradoxically strengthening tenderness, and my chest reverberates with tenderness for our shared  human condition, and our understandable but tragic choice to abandon it. 

Self-rejection in others for most people is tragic,  and makes us feel compassion and empathy if we have experienced it ourselves, knowing its painful feeling from the inside. but when I relate to it and feel into my self-condemnation, from the perspective I'm sharing, it takes on a deeper meaning. the experience of being a person who damns its humanity and tries to get rid of itself through self-denial is also Being/god (as a person) struggling to embrace itself, wanting to reject itself- and given how much I've embraced god's impersonal formlessness, and you could say loved it, when its' personified/humanized, I feel so much unique tenderness for these feelings, not only do I want to be loving towards god when its suffering. and I also want to help it get to experience all of the beauty of its' humanity. I love Being so much that it hurts me to feel how it's hurting.

I am responsible for my relationship with the world and there are times when I remember this with dismay, and other times with a feeling of redemptive empowerment, and now when I experience that what's mine is also god's - they are god's human qualities - I am ceaselessly shocked by how mobilizing it is to see and feel god's weaknesses, fragility, imperfection. My heart breaks open.

The glorious both/and perspective of Being becoming, has brought me an unexpected gift - extraordinary motivation in knowing that when I heal my relationship with myself, when I have compassion for myself, I am helping heal god's relationship with itself. Embracing me, making positive changes, and learning to love myself and others more is never more poignant and possible than when I know I'm helping create a god that loves the human(ity) it has become, that doesn't resent it but is grateful for it, sees it with wonder as an unfathomable bittersweet gift it wants to dive into and immerse itself in.

I want to be part of creating a much more beautiful story in which Being doesn't become human to transcend it and leave that behind, but to embrace and want to keep its' chance, by accepting  bittersweetness, to explore the best of what can only be experienced as a human, and to keep its' chance to discover its' fullest individuated expression, for the joy of creation and most importantly, all of the ways it can help make the detestable parts worth it by bringing positive emotions, qualities, and compassion for others to help ease some of their suffering. A story - which becomes a real experience of a formless ground of Being finding itself become human, and choosing to see so much significance in its' human existence, is so deeply touched and moved by it, that it chooses to fully participate in its' humanization rather than de-humanizing itself and escaping  back into its' formlessness, and that feels pretty darn significant and worth sticking around as person for!


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